Tony Mata

Tony’s love of images started on his twelfth birthday with the gift from his parents of a Charlie-the-Tuna camera. Ever since, he’s had a love affair with all things visual. Originally from Mexico, Tony received a degree in Communications from the Tecnológico de Monterrey and moved to the US shortly after graduation. He’s been crafting high end images for more than 20 years for corporate and marketing communications, and the entertainment industry. His stock cinematography is represented worldwide by Getty Images.

Fun fact: Tony recently shot a feature-length movie, Wraith, with Michael Sajbel, a DGA Hollywood director.


Julie Mata

Julie composed her first story, Charlotte the Horse, at age seven, and she’s been scribbling ever since. Julie has a B.A. in English from Oberlin College and a master’s degree from Northwestern University in broadcast journalism. She has worked as a TV reporter, producer, and freelance writer. Julie writes video scripts for clients and oversees the many facets of production, from hiring talent and crews to finding props and locations.

Fun fact: Julie is an author, with two middle grade novels published by Disney Hyperion.